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Since we at Kroksta Gård have a love for animals and nature, we of course encourage our guests to be out in the open. Follow the walking path through the forest or walk along the winding Jumkilsån. Maybe enjoy Kroksta's picnic basket in privacy or find the barbecue area in the meadow and grill sausages.

Here on the farm we also have a wood-fired outdoor hot tub and our own relaxation area and those who are interested in classic Swedish massage are welcome to contact us with an inquiry.

The farm animals

The animals on the farm are all of old Swedish landraces. We have, among other things, forest sheep from Åsen, Åsbohöns, Swedish blue duck, the mountain cows Ysta and Astrid and the farm cat Smilla. You are welcome to pet the animals and perhaps feed them a carrot or two.



Bath in a wood-fired outdoor hot tub (2-8 people)
Relax in our relaxation area with sauna, calm music and candles! In the lush garden, the wood-fired hot tub awaits with steaming hot water. Refreshing on both sparkling winter days as well as a cool summer evening!

 For the competitive enthusiast, there is everything you need to organize a pentathlon with, among other things, boot throwing, stilts and potatoes on a spoon.

Discover our Swedish countryside from the bike! Along dusty gravel roads, you can easily get around among the many excursion destinations that we have listed under To do nearby - and you can rent the bike from us, of course!

Tour riding on an Icelandic horse (at least 6 people to be in your own group, otherwise it is also possible to jump into an existing group.)

Experience nature and the Swedish forests from a horseback! At the neighboring farm Agersta, there is tour riding in a beautiful mansion environment for both experienced and beginners.

•Flower tying/workshop (at least 6 people)
Try to be a florist for a while! In a wonderful environment in the "old stable" on the farm, you get inspiration, tips and advice within the florist force. In collaboration with florist Jeanette Jansson, we can offer a creative and productive moment. We work with flowers according to the seasons and in lovely color tones. Only the imagination sets limits! All course participants can take their work home!

•    Cooking activity (at least 8 people)
A creative, educational and memorable experience! Together with Johanna from Johanna & Mat, you prepare a good three-course dinner consisting of organic and locally produced food. The activity takes about 2.5-3 hours.

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